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Thanks to a growing number of AAPS physician members in the state we are organizing a state chapter.

Physician members Brad Blankenship, M.D. of Murfreesboro and John Woods, M.D. of Jackson along with associate member Ralph Weber of Murfreesboro have agreed to help lead this effort.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this quick questionaire:



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  1. Dr. Robert J. Sass says:

    I am a board certified general surgeon, in practice for 19 years. All was good until being recruited to Chattanooga in 2007. Victim of unbelievable sham peer review. Completely forced out, bankrupt, can’t get a job and no one cares! I am fighting several issues on several fronts. Please help me! Thank you!

  2. Alan Cox, MD says:

    I am a Medical Doctor (MD) by training completed this year, licensed to practice General Medicine, and recently wanted to work in a rural setting so I could qualify for the National Health Service Corp (NHSC) loan repayment program for serving underserved areas though the department of HRS/HHS, Sounds easy? Well…

    Given the dire need of primary care doctors in all areas and especially in rural settings, and Obamacare bringing 32 million new pts into the system, I thought this would be an easy process, but as I looked further into the NHSC loan repayment program eligibility requirements, I found that though I have my medical licenses in TN, GA, and VA, graduated from an American Medical school (The Medical College of Georgia) and completed my required Intern year at ETSU for medical licensure, General Practice Medicine (GP) doctors (MD’s) are not eligible for NHSC loan repayment, though physician assistant/PA and nurse practitioners/NP are. Does that make any sense?

    What is TN AAPS doing to help GP’s in TN?

    What can we do about the idiots that run NHSC and them excluding GP’s from loan repayment?

    What about getting GP’s an ABMS recognized board?

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