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Wed. Night 9/12: What’s in the TN Health Care Compact?

AAPS Associate member Ralph Weber will be on Tenth Amendment Radio on 9/12 at 8pm Central Time discussing the proposed TN Heath Care Compact.  The exchange and compact issues likely will be back before the TN legislature in 2013.  Click here to read an alert we sent out earlier in the year addressing the TN Compact.

Listen in Wednesday night at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central at http://radio.tenthamendmentcenter.com!

Below you will find more info from the Tennessee Campaign for Liberty and from the Tenth Amendment Center.

Do you want to stop Obamacare from coming to Tennessee?

Message from TN Campaign for Liberty

Starting in January, during the 2013 legislative session in Tennessee, our Republican lawmakers in Nashville will have to make a choice – accept or reject Obamacare at the state level!

Governor Haslam has been quietly pushing to accept Obamacare on the state level by working towards an Obamacare Insurance Exchange and others have also been pushing for a Healthcare Compact (which must first meet Obama’s criteria before approval).

The recent Supreme Court decision said that the the federal government is powerless to implement Obamacare at the state level so long as the states don’t first build their own Exchange, Compact, or take more Medicaid dollars from the feds.

Make no mistake, the fight is on!

There is a ton of money and power at stake and the establishment is pushing hard for this, hiring lobbyists masquerading as tea partiers, spinning the facts, and spewing subterfuge.

Don’t be fooled, and don’t let your state legislators be fooled either.

Wednesday night, Sep 12th, the Tenth Amendment Center is hosting one of the world’s foremost experts of healthcare policy on their webstream to discuss the upcoming struggle against Obamacare at the state level. His name is Ralph Weber and lives right here in Tennessee.

Before you tune in to the stream, familiarize yourself with the upcoming fight to prevent Obamacare from sneaking into Tennessee through the back door.

Read the TNCFL’s blog post about what is happening:

Tune into the stream Wednesday night by reading the information below from the TN Tenth Amendment Center –

What’s in the Tennessee Health Care Compact: Live on Wednesday Night

Message from Tenth Amendment Center

What is the health care compact and what is it designed to do in Tennessee and other states? Many paid and unpaid operatives within the tea parties, as well as legislators here in Tennessee have been advocating for the health care compact. They say it will stop the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Still others say it’s dangerous, and that it really is just Obamacare by another name. How do you figure out the truth?

Live on TRX: Tenther Radio, we are going delve into the depths of the health care compact controversy with Ralph Weber, a very experienced health care policy analyst. He will be our guest on TRX: Tenther Radio on Wednesday evening at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. He has been actively analyzing the health care compacts across the country, but especially the compact here in Tennessee. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Listen in Wednesday night at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central at http://radio.tenthamendmentcenter.com!

About Ralph Weber 
Ralph Weber is a leading health care policy analyst who has been called on by several presidential candidates for his expertise in the field of health care reform, where he has made significant contributions to their health care policies. He is the author of the book MediCrats: Medical Bureaucrats That Rule Your Health Care, which shows how red tape and ruthless regulations issued by power-hungry bureaucrats are taking control of your health care.

Driven by a passion for greater access, transparency, and value in health care, Ralph and a group of private investors founded MediBid. MediBid does what politicians and government cannot do: control costs, expand access, and offer quailty choice and value to patients and employers. MediBid allows patients to shop for medical care across state lines and international borders, with full transparency.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, he started an international healh insurance brokerage in Canada known as Route Three Benefits, Inc. After watching several family members be unnecessarily injured because of the lack of access in the Canadian socialized health care system, Weber moved his family to the U.S. in 2005. He now resides in Tennesse


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