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Tort Reform Passes in TN

Tort Reform Passes in TN

On May 13, 2011, in tort reform, Uncategorized, by admin

Gov. Bill Haslam has accomplished a key part of his economic agenda with the passage today of his proposal to reform the court system.

The Tennessee General Assembly will send the “Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011” to the Republican governor for his signature, following passage by the Senate today by a vote of 21-12. House members passed the bill earlier this week by a vote of 72-24, and the measure had passed through committees in the Republican-controlled assembly with relative ease.

Supporters, such as free-market advocacy group the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, applauded the effort. The group, as well as a range of business leaders, had argued that capping non-economic damages in court creates jobs by reducing fear of large judgments and associated insurance costs.

“Tennesseans spoke loud and clear to lawmakers that they were more interested in jobs than the status quo and an unpredictable civil justice system,” said Justin Owen, president of the group, said in a statement.

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  1. ralph says:

    Thsi is a great start. Now we can get to work on fixing the rest

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